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   The V4 Ducati Panigale is arguably the most stunning supersport motorcycle available to date.  When tasked with designing and manufacturing after market parts for such a machine it would be inappropriate to simply offer something that would merely get the job done using items pulled from a generic parts bin and cobbled together.   It would just look out of place.


    Whether it is a tail tidy,  exhaust system or in our case a rear set kit we feel it must have that same feeling of function AND form to work with the overall design ethos of the Ducati design engineers,  a similar DNA if you like.


     To this end here at Gia-Moto we have designed a rear set kit that doesn't simply get the job done but looks like it is meant to be fitted to the bike even if that entails a much higher level of difficulty to manufacture.    The brake side control plate for example is hewn from its solid billet of 6082 aluminium by no less than seven individual milling machine set ups.    You will find aerospace quality components throughout the kit including 6AL 4V titanium fasteners with toe pegs machined from 7000 series aluminium.   All the major components are machined from 6082 aluminium and hard anodised.


Note:  colours other than silver or black are usually soft anodised.


     Our kit has a number of key features not normally found on after market kits such as, designed and manufactured in England.   All stock mounting points are provided including brake light switch and exhaust cover steady mounts.   Both brake and gear levers pivot on European or Japanese dual row ball races for ultimate control precision eliminating the slop and free play of stock levers.   All parts are available separately which is useful should you wish to take a few spare toe and foot pegs along with you on track days.


     The kit is simplicity itself to fit just swap out the stock parts and fit them to the new control assemblies.   Brake light switch and ABS operation remain unaffected.


    Unique to Gia-Moto The foot pegs can be adjusted to one of three positions by simply loosening two screws and removing the assembly from the bike and re- fitting in the desired position,  the orientation of the foot peg can be adjusted via a single hidden screw at the rear of the peg carrier.  A special holding tool is supplied with the kit for use with a vice allowing tightening or loosening without marking the peg along with a tube of Loctite thread locking compound to retain the fasteners. 


        A pair of 8mm offset peg carriers are also included in the set to give three additional positions to help fine tune your set up. A 10mm offset carrier will be available soon. 



       Carrier foot peg positions as follows:


   Zero Offset carrier:                                                   8mm Offset Carrier:


Position One  --  Stock                                              Position One – 6.00 mm For  5.00 mm Down


Position Two  – 22.25 mm Back  3.65 mm Up         Position Two – 29.75 mm Back  1.00 mm Up


Position Three  – 8.00 mm Back   21.00 mm Up      Position Three – 6.65 mm Back  29.00 mm Up



     Brake And gear toe pegs slide in their slots and are easily adjusted using a 4mm hexagon wrench from the front while the rear set is fitted to the bike.   The gear lever has provision for race (reverse shift) gear selection.

      The kit is available with a number of options,  super grippy foot pegs can be specced in track friendly round with plastic end plugs or OEM look tapered both in short,  long,  or folding styles.   Brake and gear toe pegs can be supplied in either fixed or folding types and with different colour combinations along with custom fastener choices.   

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